Daily Living

Cancer can both impact our daily living practices, as well as encourage us to make changes to how we live on a daily basis. This section is a collection of articles and resources that relate to day-to-day living with the disease. Be sure to talk with your physician before making changes.

Couple with physician


When it comes to family planning, using even mild therapies for a long period of time can be an issue. Because many therapies only work while they are being given, aspects of family planning often need to be considered when choosing a therapy.

Workplace and Cancer

Can I return to work? People living with cancer frequently ask this question. There are a number of laws protecting the rights of employees with cancer and their caregivers. It is very important for you to know the legal protections that exist when you have cancer and are working or are re-entering the workforce.
Hair loss


Cutaneous T-cell Lymphoma (CTCL) is a cancer of lymphocytes (white blood cells) that initially affect the skin. CTCL is associated with many symptoms including itching, redness of the skin, scaliness, and many others. Sometimes patients with CTCL may notice a loss of hair, or alopecia, which can affect any area of the body.


Being intimate can be challenging when you have cutaneous lymphoma.

Air Travel With Medications

Many questions arise for patients who need to travel on an airplane with their medications. The U.S. Transportation Security Administration’s website offers information on traveling with medications.

Online Support Groups

Online support communities such as listservs can directly link people living with cutaneous lymphoma to one another via email. The Cutaneous Lymphoma Foundation is pleased to promote the following listservs.

Living With Cutaneous Lymphoma...Yes, Living!

You've been diagnosed with cutaneous lymphoma, is it possible to still have a full and rewarding life?

Should I get vaccinations like the flu shot or shingles?

What are recommendations about vaccinations like shingles and flu shots? Dr. Larisa Geskin provides updated information.

Managing Your Cutaneous Lymphoma When a Specialist Isn't Nearby

Being diagnosed with cutaneous lymphoma while living far from a specialist may present innumerable challenges. However, there are some strategies for patients to utilize that may be employed to effectively handle these situations.


Empowered patients are those who become active members of their healthcare team. Obtaining and keeping copies of your medical records and lab results is good advice for any person receiving medical attention.