Live Event Videos

The Cutaneous Lymphoma Foundation records many of the 2-Day Patient Conferences and Patient Educational Forums presentations and makes them available through our YouTube channel. We are pleased to provide links to a selection of these events below. To view all of the Foundation's available videos, visit our YouTube channel: CutaneousLymphomaFnd. Be sure to subscribe to our channel to receive notice of new video postings automatically!

Webinar: COVID-19 and Cutaneous Lymphoma

October 2021 - Dr. Jasmine Zain provides a science-based look at the COVID-19, including it's impact for cutaneous lymphomas.

Jasmine Zain, MD
Director, T-cell Lymphoma Program
City of Hope National Medical Center

International Patient Conference - September 2021

September 2021 - This first International Patient Conference focused on broadening your knowledge about cutaneous lymphoma beyond the disease specifics. Learn more about the availability of services and support in Canada and the United Kingdom/Europe. Also learn about the importance of patient involvement in advocacy for access to care and current and new treatments. Hear from cutaneous lymphoma specialists who have been at the forefront clinically and in research, share their perspective on the history and future of treating cutaneous lymphoma.

Facebook Live: Caregiver Story

August 2021 - Our guest speaker, Meredith H., cared for her mother after she was diagnosed with late stage mycosis fungoides. Meredith shares the challenges she faced and rewards she experienced as a caregiver.


July 2021 - Dr. John Zic shares highlights from the USCLC's annual workshop on the biology and treatment of cutaneous B-Cell lymphoma. The USCLC is "a multidisciplinary society of physicians which, through collaborative efforts in research and education, improves the quality of life and prognosis of patients with cutaneous lymphoma."

John Zic, MD, Vanderbilt Dermatology


July 2021 - Finding answers to your questions about cutaneous lymphoma and its treatment can be challenging. These open question and answer events provide access to expert clinicians to respond to your questions about cutaneous lymphoma.

Clinical Panel:
Wei Ai, MD, PhD, University of California San Francisco
Debjani Sahni, MD, Boston University Medical Center

Virtual Patient Conference - June 2021

Clinical and Ergonomic Break Recordings from the 2021 Virtual Patient Conference

Webinar: Biopsy Results

May 2021 - Dr. Pei-Ling Chen provided a presentation on biopsy results. Learn more about what your doctors are looking for, how they read the results, and what that means for you.

Pei-Ling Chen, MD, PhD, Dermatopathologist, Moffitt Cancer Center

Panel Discussion: TELLOMAK Clinical Trial

May 2021: A panel discussion about the TELLOMAK clinical trial evaluating lacutamab in patients with advanced T-cell lymphomas, including Sézary syndrome and mycosis fungoides. Dr. Youn Kim and Dr. Joyson Karakunnel join Susan Thornton to discuss the clinical perspective of the study, where the study is today, preliminary data to share from the trial and more.

Joyson Karakunnel, MD, MSc, FACP, Innate Pharma 
Youn Kim, MD, Stanford Health Care
Susan Thornton, CEO, Cutaneous Lymphoma Foundation

Webinar: COVID-19 Vaccinations - What We Know

April 2021 - Dr. Jasmine Zain shares what is currently known about COVID-19 vaccinations for individuals with cutaneous lymphoma. Dr. Zain also responds to audience questions regarding treatments and the vaccinations.

Jasmine Zain, MD, City of Hope Medical Center


April 2021 - Finding answers to your questions about cutaneous lymphoma and its treatment can be challenging. These open question and answer events provide access to expert clinicians to respond to your questions about cutaneous lymphoma.

Clinical Panel
Madeleine Duvic, MD, UT MD Anderson Cancer Center
Richard Hoppe, MD, Stanford Cancer Center

Webinar: Later Stage Treatments

April 2021 - Dr. Lauren Pinter-Brown presents treatment options for later stage cutaneous lymphomas. Learn about some of the most effective treatments available as well as up and coming options. Dr. Pinter-Brown is a Clinical Professor in the Division of Hematology/Oncology with a clinical and research interest in lymphomas, including cutaneous lymphomas.

Lauren Pinter-Brown, MD, Chao Family Comprehensive Cancer Center

Webinar: News from the Lab

March 2021 - "What to Expect in the Future for Cutaneous Lymphoma" is the topic presented by researcher and cutaneous lymphoma specialist, Dr. Oleg Akilov. Dr. Akilov provides an overview of the complexity of cutaneous lymphoma and how that impacts research related to the disease and its treatment. He also responds to questions about disease progression and therapies.

Oleg Akilov, MD, PhD, Director, Cutaneous Lymphoma Program and Extracorporeal Photopheresis Unit, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

Webinar: Research Roadmap

March 2021 - Susan Thornton, CEO, is joined by members of the Cutaneous Lymphoma Foundation's Research Advisory Council to take a look at research funded by the Foundation, the work the Council has been doing, and talk about our Research Roadmap and its importance for cutaneous lymphoma research.

Research Advisory Council Panelists:
Jaehyuk Choi, MD, PhD, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine
Anjali Mishra, PhD, Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center
Alison Moskowitz, MD, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Webinar: Skincare

February 2021: Nurse Practitioner Caitlin Chiado discusses how to care for your skin when living with cutaneous lymphoma. Ms. Chiado also responds to questions regarding attendees' questions regarding caring for their skin.

Caitlin Chiado, CRNP, University of Pittsburgh Physicians, Department of Dermatology