Support the Cutaneous Lymphoma Foundation with a Fundraiser

Fun, fun and more fun!

That is the bottom line for all fundraising events.

Most people can quickly find reasons for not doing something they don’t want to do. If you want to succeed, you must choose an event which you and your friends will enjoy. This will create the most energy, enthusiasm and fund raising dollars for your event. Plus, it will be a more rewarding experience for you! 

Three primary reasons for hosting a fundraiser: 

  • Promote education about the disease
  • Raise funds to support the important resources offered by the Cutaneous Lymphoma Foundation
  • Bring people together to socialize and have some fun for a good cause

We have prepared a guide with lots of ideas and "how-to's" to help you plan and hold a successful fundraiser for the Cutaneous Lymphoma. 

Fundraiser and Awareness Packet

The possibilities are endless. If you can think of it, you can do it. The ideas listed in our guide are just to get you started. Be sure that your participants know that each dollar they raise will support the mission of the Cutaneous Lymphoma Foundation.

Raise Funds through a Letter Writing Campaign

No time to plan an event but still want to help in some way?  

Here are a few suggestions that might fit into your schedule and help support the mission of the Cutaneous Lymphoma Foundation.

Letter Writing Campaign

Raising money through a letter writing campaign can be a great way to raise money without having an actual event or can be used in conjunction with an event. This can be your personal way of supporting the Cutaneous Lymphoma Foundation by participating in Blood Cancer Awareness Month (every September) or for World Lymphoma Day (September 15) as an example. It can be done at any time of the year, but might be easier to connect with an already existing awareness program. 


Benefits of a Letter Writing Campaign

  • First, it’s relatively simple and a low-cost way to raise money.
  • Second, writing personal letters provides you with the means to reconnect with family and friends. Writing to them will allow you to clearly explain the impact of this disease on your family and will lessen any confusion or misunderstandings on their part.
  • Third, people will want to help. Channeling their energy in a positive way, by asking them to make a donation, will empower you and them, as most want to help but don’t know how. Bearing witness to the outpouring of support from friends and family will give you an emotional boost.

Where to start?

Download our Fundraiser and Awareness Packet to learn how you can support the Cutaneous Lymphoma Foundation through a Letter Writing Campaign. 

If you have questions on how you can host a fundraising or awareness event for the Cutaneous Lymphoma Foundation, contact:

The Cutaneous Lymphoma Foundation
Phone: 248.644.9014, ext. 1