Stories of Help and Hope

Our Journey with Cutaneous Lymphoma: Charmagne & David Farrar

David and Charmagne Farrar tell their story of how they have equipped themselves to live with David's cutaneous lymphoma diagnosis.

Accepting the Unexpected: One Couple's Journey

Receiving a cutaneous lymphoma diagnosis changed Gary Robinson's life. His wife Marie shares the hardship and joy in living with cutaneous lymphoma.

My Personal Journey with Cutaneous Lymphoma: Brittany Binford

Diagnosed while in high school, Brittany Binford shares her story of living with cutaneous lymphoma as a young person.

A Caregiver's Journey with Cutaneous Lymphoma: Meredith Haab

Meredith Haab shares her story as her mother's caregiver; and, how the process of caring for her mother's lesions, challenged her notions of caregiving.

My Personal Journey with Lymphomatoid Papulosis

Nikki Thomason shares how her life changed after being diagnosed with lymphomatoid papulosis and how she created an online community for others diagnosed with the disease.