2018 Global Patient Survey on Lymphomas & CLL

In early 2008, the Lymphoma Coalition (LC) launched its first Global Patient Survey. Since then, LC has established the tradition of launching a global patient survey every two years. Through this survey, patient experience in lymphomas as well as the impact of treatment and care can be better understood, and LC and its global members can bring the patient voice forward.

The 2018 Global Patient Survey went live in January 2018 and closed in March 2018. It was prepared and made available in 19 languages through at least 65 patient organisations’ social media, the Lymphoma Hub, scientific partners, INTERLYMPH, and a small portion of the healthcare community. The Institute of Applied Biosciences at CERTH, The Centre for Research and Technology Hellas (INAB | CERTH) performed the analysis and wrote the report.

This report presents an overview of the responses cutaneous lymphoma respondents have provided in the 2018 Global Patient Survey. Overall, 203 cutaneous lymphoma patients and caregivers from all over the world took part in the LC survey.

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