Medical Meeting Highlights: 3rd World Congress, T-Cell Lymphoma Forum and USCLC Annual Workshop

Highlights are authored by

Susan Thornton, CEO, Cutaneous Lymphoma Foundation

In a world that has 7,000 known rare diseases, with only 5% having any treatment available, the future of discovery and new treatment development in cutaneous lymphoma is promising.

There is much hope for a brighter future for everyone living with this condition.

Beginning with the 3rd World Congress of Cutaneous Lymphomas held in October, 2016, the diverse global community of cutaneous lymphoma has come together at three unique scientific meetings to discuss and share the most recent discoveries and research covering all aspects of this complex, rare disease: 3rd World Congress of Cutaneous Lymphomas; T-Cell Lymphoma Forum; and the United States Cutaneous Lymphoma Consortium Annual Workshop.

From the laboratory where scientists test theories about how the disease works to new treatment combinations being used in the clinic, the pace of discovery has been moving fast. 

The Cutaneous Lymphoma Foundation had the privilege of attending these meetings over the last several months with the goal of capturing major highlights to share with our community. 

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