Cutaneous Lymphoma Catalyst Research Grant


2022 Call for Proposals - Closed

The Cutaneous Lymphoma Foundation (CL Foundation) is pleased to announce that beginning January 15, 2022, we will be accepting applications for our Cutaneous Lymphoma Catalyst Research Grant, as part of our Research Awards Program (RAP), the first program of its kind dedicated exclusively to funding cutaneous lymphoma research.

The Cutaneous Lymphoma Foundation’s mission is to support every person with cutaneous lymphoma by promoting awareness and education, advancing patient care, and facilitating research.  

To help achieve our mission, the Foundation’s RAP will support investigators interested in conducting innovative cutaneous lymphoma research designed to investigate the causes and improve treatments, clinical care and quality of life for patients. Discovering new avenues for better therapies and, one day, a cure for cutaneous lymphoma are key aims of this program.

Award Application Details

The Cutaneous Lymphoma Catalyst Research Grant award was originally designed to address a near term need to accelerate or extend on-going research that was previously approved by another funding source. Launched in 2019, it provided four $50,000 grants in 2020 with a second round of grants provided in 2021. The CL Foundation is thrilled to be able to offer two additional Cutaneous Lymphoma Catalyst Research Grants for a third year in a row. This year, we will be accepting both actively funded grants as well as pilot projects and based on the mission of the Foundation, one of the grants selected will be focused in direct patient outcomes and/or quality of life.

The Cutaneous Lymphoma Catalyst Research Grant, Research Awards Program seeks to fund innovative projects from all areas of cutaneous lymphoma research with a particular interest in:

  • Clinical impact
  • Multi-institution collaborations
  • Innovative science

While the areas listed above represent our priorities, all grants will be reviewed without bias toward these focus areas. Final approval and funding of applications is made by the Foundation’s Board of Directors.

Eligibility and Requirements

Independent investigators at all levels are eligible to receive this award but the principal investigator must have a faculty appointment at an established and recognized academic institution. Medical students, post-doctoral fellows and graduate students are not eligible. Non‐U.S. investigators are eligible, and the research funded by this program can be conducted at non‐U.S. institutions. All research projects involving human subjects must receive IRB approval.

Due to COVID and its impact on cutaneous lymphoma research we are expanding eligibility for this award to include both actively funded grants and pilot projects

For actively funded grants with specific aims directed at cutaneous lymphoma research and are seeking:

  • Additional support to accelerate or expand the research objectives of an active cutaneous lymphoma grant.
  • Support to extend/continue the research activities from a specific grant as a lapse in funding is anticipated during the period immediately prior to or after the Cutaneous Lymphoma Catalyst Research Grant review.  
  • Evidence of the active grant, its aims and duration of funding must be presented. 
  • Justification for this additional funding is a critical component of the review.

For pilot projects focused on innovative research in all areas of cutaneous lymphomas with particular interest in:

  • Etiology and risk factors of cutaneous lymphomas.
  • Measures of disease impact on individuals and populations affected by cutaneous lymphomas.
  • Translating discoveries into diagnostic and therapeutic advances in cutaneous lymphomas.
  • Optimizing therapies for cutaneous lymphomas.
  • Improving quality of life for individuals with cutaneous lymphomas.

Award Amounts

This is a one-year award up to $50,000, contingent upon approval by the Cutaneous Lymphoma Foundation’s Board of Directors and based upon the Foundation’s Scientific Review Board’s review and recommendation. A small indirect cost amount between $1,000‐$2,000 is allowable. The CL Foundation is committed to offering two Cutaneous Lymphoma Catalyst Research grants in 2022, and based on the mission of the Foundation, one of the grants selected will be focused in direct patient outcomes and/or quality of life. 

Award Timeline Schedule

  • January 15th - Public announcement of Request for Applications (RFA)
  • April 15th - Application deadline
  • May - SRB reviews and ranks applications, makes recommendations to Cutaneous Lymphoma Foundation Board of Directors
  • Mid-June - Award recipients notified via email by the Cutaneous Lymphoma Foundation
  • End of June - Grant awards announced
  • July 2022 - Disbursement of the Award

Application Process and for More Information

Please download the 2022 Manual_Cutaneous Lymphoma Catalyst Research Grant for detailed information regarding the award including both the application and application checklist.  

Download 2022 Manual

Download Application Checklist

The initial application submission may be completed online at Upon submitting the application, you will receive a digital copy by email to be included with your final material submission.

Additional questions can be addressed by sending an email to or calling 248‐644‐9014, extension 200.  

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