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Semmelweis Medical School

Semmelweis Medical School Cutaneous Lymphoma Diagnosis and Treatment Center


Department of Dermatology and Dermatooncology
1085 Mária u. 41
Medical Staff: 

Márta Marschalkó, MD, PhD, Associated Professor, Dermatologist
Sarolta Kárpáti, MD, PhD, Dr.Sci., Head of Department of Dermatology and Dermatooncology
Nóra Ers, MD, Assistant Professor, Dermatologist
Judit Hársing, MD, Assistant Professor, Dermatopathologist
András Matolcsy, MD, PhD, Dr. Sci, Pathologist, Haematopathologist, -Head of Department of Pathology
Judit Demeter Md, PhD, Dr. Sci, Internist, Haematologist
Ágnes Szigeti, MD, Internist
Réka Tabák, MD, Resident
Ágnes I. Ottó, MD, Resident
Péter Holló, MD, Assistant Professor, Dermatologist, Oncologist.
Katalin Veress, MD, PhD, Epidemiologist
József Szakonyi, MD, Assistant Professor, Radiologist

UVB phototherapy
PUVA phototherapy
Narrowband UVB phototherapy
Infusion therapy
Local electron beam radiation therapy
Clinical trials
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