Treatment Centers

Huntsman Cancer Institute

Huntsman Cancer Institute Cutaneous Lymphoma Diagnosis and Treatment Center


2000 Circle of Hope
Salt Lake City, UT 84112-5550
United States
Medical Staff: 

Glen M. Bowen, MD
David Wada, MD
Mark Hyde, PA-C

Martha Glenn, MD
Ahmad Halwani, MD

Radiation Oncology
David Gaffney, MD

David Wada, MD
Keith Duffy, MD
Anneli Bowen, MD
Scott Florell, MD

Autumn Marshall, RN
Kaleena Noland, RN, BSN, OCN

Social Work
Gabriela Cetrola, MSW, LCSW

Contact Information: 

New Patient Coordinator : Travis Hakala
Phone : 801-585-0209
Fax : 801-585-3903

Diagnostic and consultations
UVB phototherapy
PUVA phototherapy
Narrowband UVB phototherapy
Infusion therapy
Local electron beam radiation therapy
Total skin electron beam radiation therapy
Clinical trials
Children's treatment

Phototherapy by referral only.

Monthly patient networking group/education forum in collaboration with Cutaneous Lymphoma Foundation

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