A Patient's Guide to Understanding Cutaneous Lymphoma - page 5

The Cutaneous Lymphoma Foundation acknowledges and thanks the
individuals listed below who have given generously of their time and expertise.
We thank them for their contributions, editorial wisdom and advice, which have
made publication of this guide possible. With their involvement and support,
patients, caregivers and so many others in the cutaneous lymphoma community
will be better informed about cutaneous lymphoma and supported throughout
their personal journey with the disease.
Pierluigi Porcu, MD, Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center
Marianne Tawa, MSN, RN, ANP, Dermatology and Cutaneous Oncology,
Dana Farber Cancer Institute
Janine Gauthier Mullady, PhD, Life Reset Solutions, P.C.
Joan Guitart, MD, Northwestern University
Emmilia Hodak, MD, Department of Dermatology, Rabin Medical Center,
Beilinson Hospital, Tel Aviv University
Steve Horwitz, MD, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
SamHwang, MD, PhD, Medical College of Wisconsin
Stuart R. Lessin, MD, President, Cutaneous Lymphoma Foundation
Leora Lowenthal, LCSW, MPA, NYU Langone Medical Center
Sue McCann, MSN, RN, DNC, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center
Lauren Pinter-Brown, MD, Director, UCLA Lymphoma Program, Clinical
Professor of Medicine, Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA
Michael W. Young, Vice President, Alliance Management, PPD, Inc.
John A. Zic, MD, Associate Professor of Medicine/Dermatology,
Director, VU Cutaneous Lymphoma Clinic, Vanderbilt University
Kathy & Gerry Arnold
Geraldine & Bob Barton
Laurel Miller Carlson
Joseph Eischens
Julie Garner
Susan Thornton
Lynne Meredith Golodner
Chief Creative Officer
Your People LLC
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