A Patient's Guide to Understanding Cutaneous Lymphoma - page 3

If you or someone close to you has been given a diagnosis of cutaneous
lymphoma, you probably have many questions and concerns. Living with
cutaneous lymphoma and the many changes that this diagnosis brings to your
life can leave you feeling overwhelmed, confused and lonely. You may not even
be sure about what kinds of questions to ask.
This guide was created so you can find valuable information to help you
understand the disease, learn about available treatments and how to find
specialists, access support, and ways to live the best life you can with cutaneous
The Cutaneous Lymphoma Foundation is dedicated to providing patients,
caregivers and loved ones with programs and services designed to help, support
and provide hope to people who are given a diagnosis of cutaneous lymphoma.
We are here for you.
You are not alone.
You are part of a knowledgeable, caring, resourceful, and compassionate
community, and we’re here to help you.
Get in touch anytime. We hope to hear from you or meet you in person at one of
our patient events.
We wish you all the best in your journey.
The Staff and Board of Directors of the Cutaneous Lymphoma Foundation
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