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Cutaneous Lymphoma Foundation
Cutaneous Lymphoma Patient Educational Opportunities
The Cutaneous Lymphoma Foundation
offers free Patient Educational Forums
throughout North America providing an
opportunity to:
• Receive accurate information about
cutaneous lymphoma and learn about
treatment options from experts in the
• Learn what’s new in cutaneous
lymphoma research and clinical trials.
• Q &A sessions - Have questions
about the different types of cutaneous
lymphoma, treatments, or daily living?
The Q &A sessions provide you an
opportunity to ask questions of the
professionals and speakers in a relaxed
and friendly environment.
• Meet and network with other individuals
affected by cutaneous lymphoma.
Being diagnosed with or caring for
an individual with a rare disease can
be lonely. Meet others who know and
understand your experience.
• Learn about available resources for
treatment and support.
April 26: Pittsburgh, PA
Cutaneous Lymphoma Foundation
Patient Educational Forum
June 28-29: Kansas City
Cutaneous Lymphoma Foundation
2-Day Cutaneous Lymphoma Patient
In addition to these scheduled events, the
Cutaneous Lymphoma Foundation is planning
educational events in the following cities:
Spring/Summer 2014
New Orleans
Fall 2014
For updates on Patient Educational Forum
dates and venues, visit our Upcoming Events
page at
For more information and to register for these FREE events,
or call (248)644-9014
The Cutaneous Lymphoma Foundation extends its thanks to the following generous supporters
of our 2013 Patient Educational Forums:
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