In-Person Support Groups

Meeting others who are affected by cutaneous lymphoma in person can be an important part of building a support network. There may be resources right in your local community that you can take advantage of. Whether the in-person groups you identify are cutaneous lymphoma-specific or generally focused on lymphoma or cancer, making the commitment to share your experiences, strengths and challenges with other patients can help increase your sense of connectedness and reduce feelings of isolation.

Following are a variety of options for in-person groups that are available to you:

Cutaneous Lymphoma Foundation Support Groups at Patient Educational Forums

The Foundation holds support groups for patients and caregivers at each of our Patient Educational Forums held during the year in locations throughout the United States and Canada. These Forums provide exceptional opportunities to increase your knowledge about cutaneous lymphoma and experience the connections that are made in the support group sessions. Click here to view upcoming Patient Educational Forums and be sure to join us at one in the near future. 

Plan A Get-Together On Your Own

Patients and caregivers have often planned meetings together after they have met via the CTCL-MF Listserv or at a Patient Educational Forum held by the Foundation. These local get-togethers are usually held in a home or a restaurant and include a handful of people living with cutaneous lymphoma and caregivers. If you organize a get-together, please let us know by contacting us at 248.644.9014, ext. 3 or . We will then be happy to publicize it for others so they can also join.

Other Resources

Other organizations such as CancerCare (, Cancer Support Community (, The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (, and the Lymphoma Research Foundation ( offer many free support services for people living with cancer and have local chapters throughout the US. In addition to the more traditional support offered by these organizations, some of these groups also offer activities, classes and social events, which allow attendees to network and develop friendships.

CancerCare offers support groups online, over the telephone and face-to-face groups are available in their offices in New York City, Long Island, New Jersey and Connecticut.  Groups are offered for patients, caregivers, loved ones and those who have lost a loved one to cancer.  All groups are led by professional oncology social workers and are free of charge.  To learn more and register for a support group, visit or call 800-813-HOPE (4673).

We hope you are able to benefit from joining in-person support groups -- whether at our Patient Educational Forums or through other resources -- and please contact us anytime at 248.644.9014, ext. 3 or anytime we can lend additional assistance. 

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