Emotional Support

Cutaneous Lymphoma-Specific Emotional Support         


CTCL-MF Listserv

The CTCL-MF Listserv is an online support group hosted by the Association of Cancer Online Resources (ACOR) for patients, caregivers, family and friends to discuss clinical and non-clinical issues about cutaneous lymphoma. People on the Listserv share information on patient experiences, psychosocial issues, treatment practices, new research and clinical trials.  You can join the Listserv on our website here.

Cutaneous Lymphoma Foundation

Support is an important part of overall health and wellness in addition to treatment of cutaneous lymphoma. The Foundation provides one-on-one telephone support to anyone living with cutaneous lymphoma or a loved one supporting a patient.  In addition, in-person support groups are offered as part of the Foundation’s Patient Educational Forums held in various cities across the country.  Contact us at 248.644.9014, ext. 3 or  for personal assistance anytime.

General Emotional Support         



CancerCareis a national nonprofit organization that provides free, professional help to people with all cancers through counseling, education, information and referral, and direct financial assistance. CancerCarehas a variety of programs in place to assist those in need. For more information, visit or contact 800.813.HOPE (4673).

Cancer Hope Network

Cancer Hope Network is a nonprofit organization that provides confidential one-on-one support to cancer patients and their families. They provide that support by matching cancer patients and/or family members with trained volunteers who have themselves undergone and recovered from a similar cancer experience. For more information, call 877.HOPENET (552.4366) or visit

Cancer Support Community

The mission of the Cancer Support Community (CSC) is to ensure that all people impacted by cancer are empowered by knowledge, strengthened by action, and sustained by community. The CSC is an international nonprofit dedicated to providing support, education and hope to people affected by cancer. Likely the largest employer of psychosocial oncology mental health professionals in the United States, CSC offers a menu of personalized services and education for all people affected by cancer. Its global network brings the highest quality cancer support to the millions of people touched by cancer. These support services are available through a network of professionally-led community-based centers, hospitals, community oncology practices and online, so that no one has to face cancer alone. For more information, visit or contact 888.793.9355.

Cancer Survivors Network

The American Cancer Society created the Cancer Survivors Network, an online community of cancer survivors, families and friends. The mission of the program is to provide a “private, secure way to find and communicate with others who share your interests and experiences” and ultimately for participants to share their experiences, strengths and hopes. For more information, visit

Chemo Angels

Chemo Angels is a volunteer organization dedicated to supporting people undergoing IV chemotherapy treatment for cancer. In addition to providing information and cancer-related resources, the organization matches patients who are going through the difficult time of chemotherapy with “Angels.” Many of the Chemo Angels volunteers are cancer survivors themselves or people whose lives have been affected by cancer in some way. The function of these Angels is to bring a bit of cheer and encouragement through gestures such as notes, cards and small gifts. For more information, visit

Imerman Angels

Imerman Angels “connects a person fighting cancer today (cancer fighter) with someone who has beaten the same type of cancer (cancer survivor). In addition, Imerman Angels also connects caregivers. A caregiver is a friend or family member who is supporting a cancer fighter. Like fighters and survivors, they may wish to be paired up with another caregiver who relates to and understands their situation. For more information, call 877.274.5529 or visit

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