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Study to Evaluate the Safety and Efficacy of Adeno-IFN Gamma in Cutaneous B-Cell Lymphoma


PURPOSE: The primary objective of this study is to evaluate the efficacy of a four-month dosing period of intra-lesional injection of TG1042 in patients with relapsing CBCL.

Patients will receive intra-tumoral injections of an adenoviral vector construct containing the human interferon gamma gene (TG1042), in an attempt to enhance immune responses with anti-tumor activity. This local administration induces tumour cell killing at the injected tumour sites.

Primary CBCL including (according to WHO/EORTC classification 2005) :
* Primary cutaneous marginal zone B-cell lymphoma
* Primary cutaneous follicle center B-cell lymphoma
* Primary cutaneous diffuse large B-cell other than leg type
* See full description for further inclusion details

* Primary cutaneous diffuse large B-cell lymphoma, leg type.
* Primary cutaneous intravascular large B-cell lymphoma.
* Extracutaneous involvement (sign of B-cell lymphoma on thoraco-abdominal CT scan and/or PET scan and/or on bone marrow biopsy).
* No histologic documentation of CBCL.
* History of known Human Immuno-deficiency Virus, Human Hepatitis B or C positive serology or other active systemic infections.
* Serious uncontrolled, concomitant medical disorders.
* Concomitant therapy for CBCL: surgical resection, radiotherapy, corticosteroid, chemotherapy, rituximab…(not limited listing)
* Major surgery in previous 4 weeks preceding the 1st injection.
* Pregnancy at study entry or who become pregnant during the study or women who are breast feeding.
* Males and females of reproductive potential who refuse to use adequate protection against pregnancy (intra-uterine device, hormonal contraception or diaphragm/condom and spermicide) during the conduct of the study and for three months after the last injection.
* Participation in another experimental protocol during the study period and within 4 weeks prior to the first injection.
* Patient previously included in this study.
* Non compliance with the study.

Sponsor: Transgene
Identifier for NCT00394693

Hopital de l'Hotel-Dieu
Nantes, France, 44093
Contact: Brigitte DRENO, M.D. +33-240-083-116
Principal Investigator: Brigitte DRENO, M.D.

Hopital Lapeyronie
Montpellier, France, 34295
Contact: Jean François ROSSI, M.D. +33-467-338-079
Principal Investigator: Jean François ROSSI, M.D.

Hopital Henri Mondor
Créteil, France, 94010
Contact: Martine BAGOT, M.D. +33-149-812-501
Principal Investigator: Martine BAGOT, M.D.

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