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A-dmDT390-bisFv(UCHT1) Immunotoxin Therapy for Patients With Cutaneous T-Cell Lymphoma (CTCL)


This is a Phase II clinical trial aimed at treating patients with T-cell lymphomas (T-cell blood cancers). The drug consists of a toxin, called diphtheria toxin, which is attached to an antibody that can specifically target cancerous T-cells. Our primary objectives are, therefore, to determine the patient subgroup with respect to disease burden who best responds to this experimental drug in treating CD3 positive T cell malignancies. We will be determining how the patient and their disease respond to this research agent.

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Travel & Lodging Defrayment
As a result of study participation, travel will be requested to a participating medical center. Angimmune (the study sponsor) will partially pay to defray travel & lodging costs for a family member to accompany a patient to this trial. Please contact the appropriate Clinical Research Coordinator at the trial site listed below for more information.

Scott and White Hospital & Clinic - Follow up visits only at this site
New patients please contact Dr. Arthur Frankel, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
Temple, Texas, United States, 76508
Contact: Sheila R. Bass, RN    254-724-5243


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