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Cutaneous Lymphoma Research

In recent years, more attention, funding and science has been devoted to cutaneous lymphoma research than ever before. The Cutaneous Lymphoma Foundation has been a strong partner to researchers who are a driving force behind this change, and we are working to increase the number of dollars, scientists and research projects devoted to cutaneous lymphoma.

Through a collaborative approach to research support, the Foundation is focused on improving diagnosis, treatment therapies, better understanding of the disease burden, and advocating for increased research funding that can benefit patients --- with an ultimate goal of helping researchers find a cure for cutaneous lymphoma.

As a result of the Foundation’s committed to funding promising cutaneous lymphoma research, we established a new research awards program, CLARIONS - Curing Cutaneous Lymphoma by Advancing Research, Innovation and Offering New Solutions.  This program will support investigators interested in conducting innovative cutaneous lymphoma research designed to improve treatments, clinical care and quality of life for patients affected by cutaneous lymphoma. Learn more about the CLARIONS program.

Through the Foundation’s Young Investigator Awards, we facilitate and fund the work of researchers whose projects are dedicated to understanding more about the cause of cutaneous lymphoma. And, through our work with legislators and policy makers, we are advocating for increased federal funding for research that can benefit cutaneous lymphoma patients.

Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are important as researchers look for new therapies and treatment combinations to improve the best available treatment options for patients. Click here to access our clinical trials listing.

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