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American Academy of Dermatology Annual Meeting: 15,000 individuals from around the world traveled to Washington, D.C. in February for their annual meeting. MFF was in attendance at twelve different sessions on CTCL. During this meeting, we also exhibit with the Coalition of Skin Diseases to provide physicians access to information about the different diseases and the type of support they can receive from patient advocacy groups.

Dermatology Nurses’ Association Annual Convention: Over 700 members gathered in Orlando in March for their annual meeting. A pre-conference Phototherapy Workshop kept attendees busy from 8-5. There were outstanding sessions on all aspects of dermatology nursing as well as sessions more specific to our disease and treatments. Of particular interest was Susan Booher’s (National Cancer Institute) presentation on, "Mycosis Fungoides: Recognizing the Difference". She discussed history, clinical aspects and appropriate treatment options for the different stages. Judy Jones followed with an inside view into the patient’s perspective. Sue McCann’s (University of Pittsburgh) session on "Photopheresis and Dermatology: Crossing Paths", reviewed extracorporeal photopheresis therapy as well as addressing the issues of nursing care and patient education.

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