MFF Forum, edition 6

MFF Welcomes New Medical Advisory Board Members

The Mycosis Fungoides Foundation is proud to welcome two new members to the Medical Advisory Board.

Lynn Wilson, M.D., the Director of the Total Skin Electron Beam Program for cutaneous lymphoma Yale University School of Medicine, has been involved in obtaining grants for research of CTCL, and is a welcome addition to the MFF Medical Advisory Board. His work includes both clinical research and education initiatives.

Lars French, M.D., an associate professor of dermatology at Geneva University Hospital, is a clinician-scientist engaged in dermatological research, and has won honors for his research. He is motivated to support the MFF in the education of patients and caregivers.

Both Lynn and Lars are motivated to support the MFF’s efforts to promote awareness and education, advancing patient care, and facilitating research. We are pleased to have them join us, and commend them for their selfless dedication to the patients and families of CTCL patients.

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