Face-to-Face Meetings

Ft. Lauderdale Face to Face Meeting
On a warm day in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, this group met and discussed what it was like to have MF in the family.  It is always interesting to hear some of the same questions that people have and some of the funny stories we are able to share.  Talking to others that share some of the same experiences as I do help me remember that I’m not in this alone.  Marlene mentioned that she was a writer.  A couple of weeks later, she sent us the verse that is published on the first page of the newsletter.

Boston Face to Face Meeting
The Boston face-to-face meeting was a little unusual, as two of the people attending weren’t from Boston!  Susan, from New York and Debby from Magnolia, Massachusetts were going to be in town for other reasons and were able to work their schedules around a lunch with us.  Gene, Dorothy and Ann joined us from the Boston area.  Susan brought us up-to-date on her PhD dissertation: The Experience of Living with a Rare Disease--Mycosis Fungoides.  Debby has now been to three different face-to-face meetings.

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