Volunteers Support MFF

Volunteers are the backbone of the Mycosis Fungoides Foundation. We sincerely appreciate the support they provide. In the last several months, we have had a number of volunteers help us out, and many more that are awaiting assignments.

In memory of Becky Keister, her sister Kathleen Bourgeau and her parents Fred and Carol Ruhl were quite helpful in putting together a flyer for the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases (NIAMS) Day advocacy event that the Mycosis Fungoides Foundation participates in every year. This was especially important for our request for additional funds for CTCL research.

Chris Spruce and others have helped the Mycosis Fungoides Foundation in the area of grants and funding by offering their services and expertise.

We would also like to thank Jim Tepel of Tepel Brothers Printing in Troy, Michigan for providing us quality printing (with a smile) at a very reasonable price.

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude for all the help we have received.

If you would like to provide the Mycosis Fungoides Foundation with your services, let us know by calling 248-644-9014 or visiting us at

University of Michigan MBA Students Provide Services for MFF
by Judy Jones, Executive Director, Mycosis Fungoides Foundation

Last year, during a visit to Los Angeles for a meeting, I had the good fortune to spend an afternoon with Dr. Fred Kiester, Chair of Entrepreneurship, College of Business, Loyola Marymount University. As we toured the campus, we discussed the issues involved in working with a small non-profit organization. He mentioned that I should talk to Len Middleton at the University of Michigan, who is a consultant and teaches an Entrepreneurial Management Course.

Both of these men have an amazing ability to inspire their students and to instill the importance of giving something back to the community. The last two semesters I have had the pleasure of working with two different groups of MBA students who have helped us with structure and strategic planning. They have provided us with hours of research and recommendations that we would not have had the time or resources for.

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