From the Executive Director

by Judy Jones, Executive Director, Mycosis Fungoides Foundation

The Mycosis Fungoides Foundation is moving forward at a rapid pace considering we have only been in existence four years. Since our last newsletter, we now have an active Board of Directors that is responsible for strategic planning and major policy decisions. The board also pays close attention to the organization's financial resources. Finally, the board is responsible for MFF accountability and integrity. The success of nonprofit organizations depends on good board members. We have gathered a group of people who believe in our mission and are willing to spend the time to do the job well. Take time to read about them in this issue of our newsletter.

Thanks to all of you who have joined the Mycosis Fungoides Foundation, those who have contributed a little extra, and those who have donated in memory of loved ones. You have kept us running. All of the money donated goes directly into patient services as we have no full-time staff. As we grow, we realize that a few people aren’t able to provide the funding for everyone. If you have not joined us yet, please take the time right now to fill out the form in this newsletter and send it in.

The Board of Directors is now kicking off our first fundraising effort. Watch for a letter in your mailbox. The most common comment I hear from patients is, “I was scared and lonely until I was able to find more information about a disease I had never heard of before.” Many of us went years not having that information. One of our goals is to provide this service to patients and to let them know there are others out here that understand. Help us to continue in that effort.

Meanwhile, MFF continues to provide awareness of the disease, so physicians will recognize it and be able to diagnosis it earlier. We met with many physicians and researchers last month at the American Academy of Dermatology Annual Meeting. We also met many wonderful nurses at the Dermatology Nurses meeting who have requested our brochures and have kept us busy sending them out.

As you can see, there are many exciting opportunities opening to us. We look forward to your continued support.

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