For Medical Professionals

For Medical Professionals

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Learn more about the care and treatment of patients with cutaneous lymphoma by clicking here to access educational resources we offer.

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Dr. Stuart Lessin, Foundation board member, speaking at the 2009 Cutaneous Lymphoma Summit

For Medical Professionals

The Cutaneous Lymphoma Foundation website section for medical professionals is designed to help physicians, nurses and other healthcare providers access resources for cutaneous lymphoma.  Within this section you will find information on:

  • News for Medical Professionals
  • Medical Meetings
  • Professional Education
  • Professional Societies
  • Publications
  • The Foundation's Medical Advisory Board

If you are interested in learning about research opportunities, please visit the RESEARCH section of our website.

Please note that we continually update this section so please visit often.

If you have recommendations for additional content for this section or have questions about its content, please email us at .

We hope that the information and resources you find here are helpful.  Our goal is to partner with health care professionals to enhance the quality of care for people living with cutaneous lymphoma.

Together, we will make sure that each person with cutaneous lymphoma gets the best care possible.

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