Kansas City, MO, September 10, 2011

Cutaneous Lymphoma Patient Educational Forum, Kansas City, MO, 2011 Cutaneous Lymphoma Patient Educational Forum, Kansas City, MO, 2011

Cutaneous Lymphoma Patient Educational Forum

In collaboration with the University of Kansas Cancer Center

Date and Time

Saturday, September 10, 2011 - 8:30am - 3:30pm

A Day of Education, Inspiration and Connection for Patients, Caregivers, Physicians and Others Affected by Cutaneous Lymphoma

On Saturday, September 10, 2011, the Cutaneous Lymphoma Foundation held a Patient Educational Forum in collaboration with the University of Kansas Cancer Center, which welcomed over 50 attendees, many of whom were patients who enjoyed a day of education and the opportunity to connect with others who share in their journey living with cutaneous lymphoma.

This Forum was offered to help patients, caregivers and others affected by cutaneous lymphoma receive accurate information about cutaneous lymphoma, learn about current treatment options and promising future therapies, connect with other people who share similar experiences, and obtain information about resources and support available.

The Cutaneous Lymphoma Foundation extends its thanks and gratitude to all of the outstanding speakers who presented at this Forum. We extend special thanks to Dr. Sunil Abhyankar for his service as Chair of this Forum.

In Forum evaluations we received, attendees noted the following:

“The information about the range of treatment options and learning that others are going through the same things that I am was most helpful.”
“I especially learned from the question & answer sessions.”
“This was a great Forum, and I am so glad my husband and I came.”
“The opportunity to meet others with CTCL was really helpful to me”
“I think this was a very informative event, and I learned a lot from both doctors and patients.”
“I found the varied speakers giving informed opinions most helpful.”

The Cutaneous Lymphoma Foundation thanks all of our attendees for joining us and making this event a great success. Together, we are making sure that each person with cutaneous lymphoma gets the best care possible.

To learn about upcoming Patient Educational Forums and other patient education opportunities, please click here to visit the "Upcoming Events" page of our website.  Please also visit that page often for continual updates.

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