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My Personal Journey With Cutaneous Lymphoma

Stuart Lessin, MD

Board Member
Chair, Medical Advisory Board

As Co-Chair of the Cutaneous Lymphoma Foundation’s 2011-2012 Annual Fund Campaign, I am excited to be involved with what I consider to be an important endeavor for the Foundation.  When I think about why my involvement in this campaign is so meaningful to me, many reasons come to mind:

The mission

Simply stated, I believe in the mission of the Cutaneous Lymphoma Foundation:  to make sure that every person with cutaneous lymphoma get the best care possible.  As a physician, I know that diagnosis and treatment of cutaneous lymphomas is complex.  Yet our current health care system’s capacity to provide patients and their family members with timely information and support is often inadequate.  Time spent directly with health care providers can be challenging. So, too, can gaining access to expert and coordinated medical care for cutaneous lymphomas.  The programs and services of the Cutaneous Lymphoma Foundation address these vital needs.  I consider the Foundation to be an important partner in informing and supporting patients through their physical, mental and emotional journey with a diagnosis of cutaneous lymphoma.

The affirmation

The act of giving sets a powerful example for others.  It affirms the importance of the mission of an organization and the active role required to support it.  As more donate and contribute, the greater the appeal becomes. The cause is perceived as important and worthy of support.

The empowerment

The continuing success of the Cutaneous Lymphoma Foundation empowers patients with a sense of self determination, providing individual strength and hope.  Collectively, it empowers them to partner with health care providers, scientists and institutions.  It provides them with a greater voice that can influence change and progress far more effectively than any other constituency.

So, it is clear that each donation adds to the rising tide of progress that benefits all.  

Thank you for reading and please join me in support of the Cutaneous Lymphoma Foundation.

Click here to be taken to our online giving page where you can make a donation to support our important work.

Stuart Lessin, MD

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