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Cutaneous Lymphoma Foundation Announces New CEO

Fri, 04/02/2010

With over 15 years of nonprofit management, fund development, communications, marketing and public relations experience, Jennifer A. Viano joined the Cutaneous Lymphoma Foundation in April 2010 as its new Chief Executive Officer.

Her leadership skills, extensive experience growing nonprofit organizations, broad range of knowledge across nonprofit and business disciplines, and her passion for the mission of the Cutaneous Lymphoma Foundation make her a dynamic, effective new CEO.

With prior experience as Executive Director of the Scleroderma Foundation Michigan Chapter, Jennifer has specific experience leading transformational growth in a similar organization focused on serving people affected by a chronic, autoimmune disease. She understands the life-altering effects of cutaneous lymphoma and has a vision of growth that will take the Cutaneous Lymphoma Foundation down a path of providing improved programs and services to help people who are suffering with the uncertainty, fear, emotional angst and physical struggles associated with a chronic illness.

"Joining the Cutaneous Lymphoma Foundation team as its new CEO is truly an honor," expressed Jennifer. "I am so moved and motivated by the inspirational people who are part of the Cutaneous Lymphoma Foundation family – the patients, caregivers, loved ones, physicians, medical community, board members, staff, all of our generous donors and so many other stakeholders – these people are the reason for our existence and they drive our mission forward each day. I look forward to working with everyone who is in invested in our mission. Together, we are going to make extraordinary things happen for the people who turn to us for the vital assistance and support offered at the Foundation."

Working closely with the Cutaneous Lymphoma Foundation Board of Directors and all of the Foundation’s stakeholders, Jennifer will be responsible for leading the overall growth of the Foundation to build capacity and attract increased support to achieve the goals outlined in the Foundation’s strategic plan. Major overarching goals include development of a new program delivery model, increasing awareness, improving communications and marketing efforts, creating a comprehensive development plan and assisting the Board as they work to recruit new leaders.

"Ultimately we want to put ourselves out of business and find the cure. In the meantime, I look forward to working collaboratively with our team to make sure each person with cutaneous lymphoma gets the best care possible," says Jennifer.

In addition to the many initiatives that she will be focusing on while at the office, Jennifer will be traveling extensively this coming year where she enthusiastically looks forward to meeting patients, family members, physicians, sponsors, donors, organizational partners, activists, legislators and so many others who make our work possible.

Jennifer lives in Farmington Hills, MI and, in addition to enjoying her career-related activities, she enjoys spending time playing tennis and golf, ballroom dancing, traveling and hosting social gatherings with friends and family.

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