Board member since 2013

“Before the Cutaneous Lymphoma Foundation was founded, patients felt alone, without any information to learn about their condition, without any advocates for their well-being and without others to share experiences with. I have been proud to be affiliated with the Cutaneous Lymphoma Foundation since it was first founded.”

Dr. Pinter-Brown is Health Sciences Professor of Medicine and Dermatology at the University of California, Irvine School of Medicine. She is responsible for treating patients, coordinating lymphoma clinical research and for mentoring fellows and junior faculty. She has an extensive background and focus in T-cell lymphomas and concentrates on optimizing treatment for patients diagnosed with lymphomas. During her career, she was the principal investigator for clinical research protocols for patients with Hodgkin's disease, B-cell lymphomas, CD30+ Anaplastic large-cell lymphoma and T-cell lymphomas.

Engaged in the diagnosis and treatment of patients with lymphoma, specifically cutaneous lymphoma, since 1983, Dr. Pinter-Brown has focused on research that improves the treatment options for patients, as well as teaching peers in the medical community. With goals to improve patient care and empower patients to function effectively as their own advocates, Dr. Pinter-Brown also participates in several patient advocacy groups, including the Lymphoma Research Foundation, the Leukemia Lymphoma Society and the Cutaneous Lymphoma Foundation.

As a Cutaneous Lymphoma Foundation Board Member, Dr. Pinter-Brown regularly presents key information for audiences attending Patient Educational Forums. Additionally, she contributes to the Forum newsletter, participates in the review of Foundation resources to ensure accuracy, and actively advocates for the cutaneous lymphoma community.