Just One

For almost 20 years, the Cutaneous Lymphoma Foundation has been making a difference in the lives of those living with this rare disease.

In the beginning, it took Just One. One doctor, one caregiver and one passionate patient…..that’s all it took to start a global community that supports, connects and educates people on cutaneous lymphomas around the world. 

How will you make a difference?

Now it’s your turn…

It only takes ONE…JUST ONE…to make a difference!

We invite you to join our movement to raise awareness and support our important work to reach people around the globe diagnosed with this rare disease. The more people talking about cutaneous lymphoma, the more awareness we can create. 

We are asking our community to help make a difference by sharing their JustOne video or picture, sending an email to friends, creating a peer-to-peer fundraising page, hosting an event or make a donation.

Social Media
Get Involved on Social Media

Join the cutaneous lymphoma community and share your story on your favorite social media platforms.

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Upload the JustOne campaign content to your social media platforms: 
We have provided social media content which you are welcome to upload to your personal Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other platform of your choice. Share these with your friends, family and colleagues so that we can unite as many people as possible on #JustOneCLF.

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Use the Hashtag: 
Use the official campaign hashtag #JustOneCLF  on social media to spread awareness about cutaneous lymphoma. You can also follow the conversation by clicking on this hashtag on the various social media platforms.

Share social media posts: 
Share as much as you wish from the Cutaneous Lymphoma Foundation Facebook page. Make sure you include the campaign hashtag: #JustOneCLF.

Email Campaign
Email your Friends and Family

Send an email to your loved ones with your JustOne story to help others understand how cutaneous lymphoma has impacted your life.

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Ask your friends to donate directly to the Cutaneous Lymphoma Foundation or start a fundraiser to help support the entire community.

Donate or create your own JustOne fundraising page!

Download directions to create your page

Host a Fundraising Event

Hosting a fundraising event can be an exciting and fun way to support the Cutaneous Lymphoma Foundation. We've created a list of ideas and resources to help you plan and host a successful event.

Host a JustOne fundraising event!

How will you make a difference?

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JustOne gift can make a difference!
Your gift, whatever size, to the Cutaneous Lymphoma Foundation helps continue the mission to support those affected by cutaneous lymphoma.
Help Spread Awareness
Sharing the Cutaneous Lymphoma Foundation's literature with your family, friends or physicians is a great way to raise awareness.