Get Involved

Advocate for People Affected By Cutaneous Lymphoma

Becoming an advocate for people affected by cutaneous lymphoma is a very important way that you can become involved in our mission.

There are two ways that we encourage you to participate in our advocacy efforts:

  • Visit the ADVOCACY section of our website often to monitor advocacy news and action alerts that you can participate in.
  • Contact us at  or 248.644.9014, ext. 4 if you are interested in being contacted for special advocacy events, such as Capitol Hill days, and other advocacy efforts that arise where we are in need of people who can serve as Foundation ambassadors at these events. 

Thank you in advance for your interest in advocating for patients with cutaneous lymphoma.  We look forward to having your partnership and involvement as we work together to educate and influence policy-makers who can affect positive change on the policies that impact patients with cutaneous lymphoma. 


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