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Pierluigi Porcu, MD

Board member since 2011

Pierluigi Porcu, M.D. is Associate Professor of Internal Medicine, Division of Hematology, Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center (OSUCCC) where is he is co-leader of the Cutaneous Lymphoma Program and a member of the Viral Oncology Group of the OSUCCC where he conducts clinical and translational research in lymphoma.

Dr. Porcu has worked extensively in the field of cancer and lymphoma education including participation in many of the Cutaneous Lymphoma Foundation’s past Patient Educational Forums along with serving as a Co-Chair of the Foundation’s Cutaneous Lymphoma Summit held in October 2009.

Dr. Porcu is married to Rosanna and they have four children, Sebastiano, Agata, Matilde and Beatrice. Recreationally, Dr. Porcu is an avid biker and has participated in Pelotonia, a grass-roots, community-supported bike ride in southern Ohio that raises funds to support cancer research at the OSUCCC. Dr. Porcu’s team, Team CTCL, has raised approximately $25,000 for research in the past two years.

Dr. Porcu has been serving as a board member of the Foundation since 2011 and currently serves as its Research Sub-Committee Chair. In addition, Dr. Porcu serves on the Foundation’s Programs and Services Committee.

Dr. Porcu and his family live in Powell, OH.

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