About Cutaneous Lymphoma

Living With CTCL
Living With CTCL
Living With CTCL

Living With Cutaneous Lymphoma

If you have been living with cutaneous lymphoma, you know it can affect the way you feel. It also can affect how you live your life.

Symptoms and treatment side effects can make it hard to work or enjoy social time and hobbies. Some days you might feel sad, scared, or lonely. It may be hard to deal with the changes in your appearance.  You may feel very tired. Keeping up with your normal daily activities and routines could become difficult. Sometimes you may wonder if you have the strength to overcome the challenges.

But there are things you can do to help take care of yourself — your whole self, both your body and your mind. And taking care of your whole self is an important part of coping with a chronic illness like cutaneous lymphoma. Learn how by visiting the Online Learning Center.

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