About the Foundation

Brace Krag

Board member since 2011

Brace Krag is a regional account manager with a rare-disease focused biotechnology company  based in the greater New York City area.  He received his BA in History from Denison University and has worked in the medical device, pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors since 1988.

From 2007-2010, Brace has served cutaneous lymphoma patients both professionally, through his career, as well as personally through involvement with the Cutaneous Lymphoma Foundation.  As an active participant in Foundation Patient Educational Forums and fundraising activities, Brace has supported, advocated for and worked to provide education and resources to cutaneous lymphoma patients, families are caregivers.

Brace was recognized for his service to the cutaneous lymphoma community in 2009 by his employer with the “Nightingale Award” and he continues his service through appointment to the Foundation’s Board of Directors in September 2011.  Brace also serves as Vice President of the Willowwood Foundation based in Gladstone NJ.

Brace and his family live in Pottersville, NJ.